Pacific Rim Uprising Featurette

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In this edition, dive into the philosophy behind the first season of HBO’s hit sci-fi series Westworld. Plus, go behind the scenes of Weta Workshop in New Zealand to learn about the designing of the giant kaiju monsters of Pacific Rim Uprising, and learn some things you might not have known about the sci-fi classic film Logan’s Run. Read More »

Logan's Run Remake

A remake of the sci-fi classic Logan’s Run has been in the works for over a decade. The project has seen several filmmakers come and go as it has developed over the years, including Bryan Singer (X-Men), Joseph Kosinski (TRON Legacy), and even Nicolas Winding Refn (Drive). Now a a new director has stepped up to the plate, and it’s actually a filmmaker who was attached to write and produce the film back in 2015.

X-Men franchise producer Simon Kinberg, who is currently hard at work on X-Men: Dark Phoenix, has closed a deal to direct the Logan’s Run remake. However, he won’t be writing the script this time. Instead, that responsibility falls to The Hunger Games scribe Peter Craig. Read More »

Logan's Run screenwriter

Over the years, the Logan’s Run remake has enlisted an array of talent. Nicolas Winding RefnBryan SingerChristopher McQuarrieAlex Garland, and others have worked on reimagining the 1967 science-fiction film. Refn and Gosling appeared the closest to pulling the remake off, but then the duo dropped out. Last summer, screenwriter/producer Simon Kinberg boarded Logan’s Run, writing a treatment another screenwriter would later come in and work from. Now, Kinberg, producer Joel Silver, and Warner Bros. have found that writer.

Below, check out the latest Logan’s Run update.

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Logan's Run reboot

Hollywood has been trying to remake the science fiction film Logan’s Run for a long time now. So long that we’ve written about it over 20 times on /Film over the past 10 years.

X-Men series helmer Bryan Singer was originally on board to reboot the concept in 2005 , before dropping out for Superman Returns. Commercial director Joseph Kosinski briefly entertained the idea of directing the film before finding Tron Legacy over at Disney. Carl Erik Rinsch was developing the remake with Sunshine/28 Days Later screenwriter Alex Garland, but moved on to 47 Ronin. Drive director Nicolas Winding Refn developed the project as a Ryan Gosling vehicle for a year and a half with two writers (Andrew Baldwin and Will Beall). After Gosling and Refn dropped out, Bioshock creator Ken Levine was hired to get the long-in-the-works reboot on track.

In July, Simon Kinberg was the latest person to be brought on board to try to get the project going again. Kinberg, who already has his hands pretty full with the Star Wars and X-Men universes, is writing a treatment for the sci-fi remake, which he hopes to produce alongside Joel Silver (who has been on the project from the beginning of this whole development cycle). Kinberg reveals his vision for a Logan’s Run franchise and gives an update on the search for a director, after the jump.

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Logan's Run reboot

Simon Kinberg is turning back to some classic film science fiction. A new version of Logan’s Run has been in development for years, with various directors (including Nicolas Winding Refn and Kinberg’s X-Men compatriot Bryan Singer) attached to make the film at different times. There’s a constant allure to the property, which depicts a futuristic society in which life is forcibly ended at 30.

Now Kinberg, whose plate is already pretty crowded with writing and producing superhero movies at Fox and writing and producing Star Wars Rebels and a Star Wars Anthology film, is writing a new treatment for Logan’s Run at Warner Bros., which he will produce with Joel Silver. Read More »


It seems ironic that a film about a youth-centric society would itself be growing old, but that’s what’s been happening with the Logan’s Run remake. The project entered development about two decades ago and has passed through a number of high-profile filmmakers since then to no avail. So now, the studio’s looking outside the usual Hollywood circles to help make it happen.

The studio has just tapped Ken Levine, creator of the BioShock video game franchise, to write the sci-fi screenplay. Levine’s not entirely a Hollywood outsider — he got his start in screenwriting and playwriting before finding success in the video game industry — but he’s still a pretty unexpected choice. Hit the jump to get the details.

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After years in development, the Logan’s Run remake finally seemed to be in a good place last summer when Drive duo Nicolas Winding Refn and Ryan Gosling signed on. The project was slated to go sometime after the pair finished up their second collaboration, Only God Forgives, but now it’s hit a major roadblock. News broke this morning that Gosling had dropped out of the picture, leaving it without a star. More after the jump.

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Producer Joel Silver has been developing a remake of the 1976 movie Logan’s Run for years. Carl Erik Rinsch was set to direct it last year, with Bryan Singer and James McTeigue attached before him. Then, in a surprise move, Bronson and Drive director Nicolas Winding Refn was hired to make Logan’s Run. He brought with him Drive star Ryan Gosling to play a cop in a hedonistic future society who goes on the run when his state-mandated day of death comes around.

Now there is a new writer on the film: Andrew Baldwin, who hit the 2008 Black List with The West is Dead and wrote the still-unproduced Red Asphalt for Lionsgate, will write a new draft of the script. Read More »

Cool Stuff: ‘Logan’s Run’ Posters By Tim Doyle

Whether or not you’ve seen Michael Anderson‘s 1976 sci-fi film Logan’s Run, you’re going to be hearing a lot about it in the coming weeks. Initially the discussion will be about the proposed remake directed by Nicolas Winding Refn and starring Ryan Gosling because their first collaboration, Drive, hits theaters on Friday. Later, Logan’s Run will be referenced when Andrew Niccol’s In Time is released next month because both films share the similar narrative idea of a world where people only live to a certain age.

Then there’s this brand new poster for the film by artist Tim Doyle that’ll first premiere at a screening of the film in Australia and then appear online. Check out both the regular and variant editions after the break. Read More »

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Will Beall Writing ‘Logan’s Run’

When Nicolas Winding Refn and Ryan Gosling became the new guys attached to direct and star in the remake/new adaptation of Logan’s Run we cheered. Given that Mr. Refn had been very clear about his intentions to do a big studio movie, he might have chosen well with this one. The original Logan’s Run is silly and dated, yes, but given that it is about people who flee from a decadent, youth-obsessed culture, there’s a lot of material in the story that makes it relevant today. If the script is in the right hands, that is.

The last draft of Logan’s Run was by Alex Garland, but we figured that the script would undergo some work before shooting. And now Will Beall, the screenwriter who wrote Tales From the Gangster Squad, which Warner Bros. is very high on right now, is in negotiations to script. Read More »