Movie Trailer: ‘Linotype: The Film’

Just as the Internet changed how we distributed the written word a few decades ago, the linotype machine did the same thing in the late 1880s. However, this massive and complicated machine that could set type in a much more organized manner than ever before, was quickly overshadowed by newer technologies and now, over 100 years since its invention, is in danger of becoming extinct. Linotype: The Film is a documentary directed by Doug Wilson that will attempt to give some historical context to the machine that Thomas Edison once called the “Eighth Wonder of the World.”

Yeah, we know, it’s a documentary on a big machine. But maybe if you watch this trailer, you’ll get an idea of the type of tone that Wilson and his crew are going for. The film, which is still in production, hopes to be done by Fall 2011. Check out the trailer and the official plot description after the jump. Read More »