There Will Be No Stay

The death penalty is one of the biggest, most controversial issues in American culture. Is it okay to kill someone if they did something truly terrible, or does killing them make us just as bad as the criminal? Even if execution is deemed permissible, can it be carried out in good conscience knowing that the process of putting someone on death row is flawed?

A new documentary looks at the death penalty from a very intriguing and disturbing angle. The film is called There Will Be No Stay and it tells the story of the executioners themselves. The men who are tasked with literally killing the accused. Should they be considered murderers? How do they deal with these issues? Those questions are all asked in this trailer. Check it out below. Read More »

Alex Karpovsky

A comedian and a folk singer go on a tour. One’s a success, the other is not, but they’re friends and, no, this isn’t the setup for a joke. It’s the plot of Folk Hero & Funny Guy, a new Kickstarter project that just went online. It’ll star Alex Karpovsky, who you know from Girls, Sleepwalk With Me and Inside Llewyn Davis as the “Funny Guy” and is written by  eventual director Jeff Grace, who produced and starred in It’s A Disaster.

We’re excited to debut the poster for the film, which you can see below, along with more details on the film. Read More »

Spike Lee Kickstarter

Chalk up another success story for Kickstarter. With just four days to spare, filmmaker Spike Lee has fully funded his “newest, hottest” film via the fundraising site. Lee’s goal was $1.25 million and he hit that Friday morning. Check out the video thank you and more below. Read More »


How much would you pay for a complete written account of modern special effects, directly on your iPad? The resource would be priceless. Now, you can contribute however much you’d like.

A new Kickstarter was recently started that would put the entire backlog of the legendary VFX magazine Cinefex on the iPad. Check out the pitch video and find out how you can pledge below. Read More »


Veronica Mars, Zack Braff and now Spike Lee. The legendary director of Do The Right Thing and Malcolm X is currently finishing a remake of the Korean film Oldboy, but is turning to the fans for his next project. Lee just started a Kickstarter hoping to raise $1.25 million to make a movie about humans with an addition to blood. Check out his pitch below. Read More »

Back in Time

Back to the Future is one of those films we all have, and continue to make, great memories about. Whether it’s the first time we saw the film, a piece of merchandise we own, a new wrinkle about its production, on an almost weekly basis Robert Zemeckis and Bob Gale‘s 1985 masterpiece keeps reminding us of its cultural significance.

The film will be 30 years old in 2015 and Jason Aron has just created a Kickstarter to finish a movie celebrating that fact. It’s called Back in Time and it’ll explore the cultural significance of Back to the Future in a very unique way. It’ll use the Delorean automobile as the through line. Check out the trailer below. Read More »


Hating on Zach Braff has become the cool thing to do. The reason being the actor/director took to Kickstarter in April to fund his next movie, Wish I Was Here. It was a polarizing move because many people felt Braff had enough clout to get traditional funding. He agreed, but decided he’d rather make the movie outside the system. Support and money poured in, as did criticism of the plan. Braff has remained steadfast in his decision, and is lining up a fantastic cast for the film. So far he’s got Anna Kendrick, Kate Hudson, Mandy Patinkin, Jim Parsons and Josh Gad.

Braff stopped by Sirius XM earlier this week and not only did a little defending, he revealed he off-handedly explained the entire crowd funding avenue to Woody Allen. Allen, whose last few films have all been set in Europe because it’s easier for him to get funding there, was apparently quite taken by the idea. Braff also revealed that Soundgarden’s Chris Cornell approached him to write a song for the film. Read more, and listen, to the segments below. Read More »


Sometimes its easy to forget just how ubiquitous producer Brian Grazer is. Not only does he work hand in hand with Oscar-winning director Ron Howard on some of the biggest movies out there, he also shepherded a ton of well-known television shows. After some years off the air, two of his more famous shows, Arrested Development and 24, will soon be returning in new ways. Now a third might do the same.

In a new interview, Grazer confirmed he’s “absolutely moving forward” with the movie version of the NBC drama Friday Night Lights, and they might turn to crowd-funding, ala Veronica Mars, to prove the fans want the series to return. Read More »


Update: Variety has a new report on this financing deal which changes the equation. In short, it says the funds from Worldview are gap financing, which is not at all what was reported earlier. To sum up, the production is doing foreign rights sales in Cannes, which we knew, and which Braff had disclosed weeks ago. Traditional loans against those sales may not come in fast enough to get the production going on schedule. So Worldview is, in essence, loaning that money to the production now so that it can move forward.

Producer Stacy Sher says “Worldview may end up providing nothing at the end of the day beyond the gap loan depending on how we do in Cannes.”

If Variety is accurate, then any assumptions made about “full financing” from Worldview could be quite wrong, as would be conclusions (such as mine) drawn from previous reports. (Zach Braff later updated his Kickstarter page with the same information, so there’s no reason to believe it is wrong.) Our original article follows; it was sourced from THR’s original report about the financing, which has been scrubbed to remove inaccurate information with no mention of that fact.

Read More »

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Obey The Giant

Whether you’ve seen it on the streets of your city or on someone’s hat as they walk down the street, a familiar slogan is found all over the place: “Obey.” The simple command with the layered connotation is the handiwork of artist Shepard Fairey. Influenced by the film They Live and using the visage of Andre the Giant, Fairey began plastering the familiar logo all over the globe in the ’90s, leading viewers to consider its implications. The brand has since given Fairey worldwide acclaim and infamy. He had a huge part in the Oscar-nominated documentary Exit Through the Gift Shop, owns his own clothing line, and much more.

Director Julian Marshall thought Fairey’s rise to fame and the birth of this iconic idea would make a great idea for a film. He took to Kickstarter to fund Obey The Giant, a narrative retelling of the story, and that short has now been completed and is online. Check it out below. Read More »