Superman Flyby
In 2002 Warner Bros was developing a new Superman movie with then screenwriter JJ Abrams called Superman: Flyby, with Brett Ratner hired to direct. Abrams’ screenplay for the film would have reinvented Superman, incorporating a bunch of new ideas that angered fans when a negative script review was posted on the internet. The film was abandoned and never went into production. Mr. Sunday Movies has created a video essay giving the complete history of Superman Flyby. Watch that now after the jump.
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Elizabethtown actor Orlando Bloom was spotted discussing roles in the upcoming Superman Returns sequel (tentative title, Superman: The Man of Steel) with director Bryan Singer and producers Mindy and Jon Peters. Bloom’s ex-girlfriend Kate Bosworth played Lois Lane in the first film. So speculation has already begun over Bloom playing the Man of Steel.

But Brandon Routh is already signed on for the sequels, so I somehow doubt (and hope) they don’t replace him with Bloom. I could see the Pirates of the Caribbean star as either Brainiac or General Zod, but why?