Jon and Al Kaplan have done it again! Yesterday I saw a couple references to Frank Sinatra singing a musical version of John Carpenter‘s The Thing, and for some reason the idea that it might be the work of the Kaplans didn’t even occur to me. But it is their latest musical offering, a single song that recaps more or less the entire movie. And it is great. The Thing: The Musical features a spot-on Sinatra impersonation, singing the part of the shape-shifting alien. Read More »

LOL: ‘Predator: The Musical’

Jon and Al Kaplan have spent the past year creating a series of frequently clever, occasionally hilarious videos that re-imagine Arnold Schwarzenegger action films as musicals. The appeal isn’t based so much in listening to an Arnie impersonator warble through a tune, as it is in seeing how nimbly the Kaplans can summarize the plot of each film in a few song lyrics.

The latest installment — and last, if you believe them — is Predator: The Musical. Watch it after the break. Read More »

The same team that brought you the wonderful Conan the Barbarian: The Musical, Jon Kaplan and Al Kaplan, are at it again. Here you can see the touching tune ‘Jenny and Me’ which represents the glory that might be found within Commando: The Musical, assuming such a thing were to actually exist. (It really should exist.) Read More »