‘Bellflower’ Review: Everything Ends, Badly

In considering Bellflower, picture a dirty back-hallway light fixture: stained, buzzing, scarred, two trapped moths desperately flapping in the yellowed plastic globe. The moths are Woodrow and Aiden, BFFs transplanted from Wisconsin to California, who find the only thing waiting in the west is each other. Their time is spent building flamethrowers and cars, burning rubber and ejaculating impotent flame in mild actualization of pathetic apocalyptic fantasies. But they realize too late that the ‘fantasy’ has arrived. They’re already living the end of their world. Read More »

The indie Bellflower powered through Sundance and SXSW, powered by the muscular engine of the mascot car Medusa and trailing waves of reviews praising the film’s forward-thinking blend of romance, hallucination and apocalypse. Young director Evan Glodell transformed a shelved script he wrote as a heartbroken 23-year old into something that generated extreme reactions at festival screenings, and the homemade tech — a unique camera rig, flamethrowers, and the like — make for great press.

But what the hell is Bellflower? The first teaser showcased only Medusa, albeit with footage triple-dipped in atmosphere and solidly confident style. Now a new full-length trailer is the first real look non-festival audiences can get at the blend of ideas that is Bellflower. Read More »

‘Bellflower’ Teaser Trailer

Bellflower got a lot of press at Sundance and SXSW this year. It is a very low-budget romance with a sort of apocalyptic bent, and with a badass muscle car as a mascot. Now there is a teaser for the film, but according to some reports it might actually give you the wrong idea of what to expect. Still, the minute of footage that follows after the break has a lot of attitude, so check it out anyway. Read More »

Bellflower is an ultra low-budget (500) Days of Summer-like love story for the Jackass Hipster generation. Written/Directed/co-starring/co-produced/co-edited by Evan Glodell, the movie follows two friends who build flamethrowers and death cars in preparation for the possible global apocalypse. One of them meets a charismatic young woman (played by the promising newcomer Jessie Wiseman) who takes him on adventures he never dreamed. But her spontaneous destructive nature might lead to a apocalypse of its own.

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