Metroid Short Film

Ever since the disaster that was the Super Mario Bros. movie hit the big screen back in the 90s, video game pioneers Nintendo were completely turned off from having any of their properties turned into movies again. That means potentially cool film versions of The Legend of Zelda, StarFox and Metroid have been impossible.

However, Nintendo recently revealed plans to get back in the feature film business, though we don’t know if there are any solid plans on the table for movies from them in the immediate future. But while you wait, we advise you to watch this spectacular Metroid short film that takes cues from classic sci-fi films such as Alien, Solaris and 2001: A Space Odyssey. It’s genuinely one of the most impressive projects of this kind that I’ve ever seen. Read More »

TRON Director Makes a Come Back with Soul Code

Tron PosterTRON director Steven Lisberger is finally set to make his return to the big screen after a 19 year absence. Following TRON, Lisberger directed the bad John Cusack film Hot Pursuit and the even more horrible sci-fi adventure Slipstream, starring Bob Peck, Mark Hamill and Bill Paxton. And it’s not for a lack of trying, Lisberger has been trying to sell a few ideas to Hollywood for a while now without success. He even penned a Tron sequel a few years back which fell into development hell.

Lisberger will helm the Soul Code, a film written in collaboration with Jessica Chobot. The project was sold to Reliant Pictures for mid-six figures. According to Variety, the story follows “a tech pioneer who has perfected a way to download and transfer a person’s memory. Script examines what happens when her memory is placed into a much younger woman’s body.” Marina at MadAboutMovies thinks the “story is a rip-off of a bunch of other writer’s works, primarily William Gibson,” and I think I agree with her assessment. However, like many contemporary geeks, I’m very desperate for a good sci-fi film.