Texas is known for being flat, minimalistic but still incredibly beautiful and that’s certainly the theme of the posters for the 2011 Rolling Roadshow. This year, instead of going all across the country, the Alamo Drafthouse is keeping things close to home as they’ll travel across the Lone Star State and show Texas films set in Texas. Films such as Blood Simple, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Searchers, Red River and more. The posters premiered on Apple.com and, much like happened last year with Olly Moss, this year they were all done by one artist: Jason Munn. We’ve got all the images and schedule after the jump. Read More »


The DamonCarltonAndAPolarBear.com Lost-Inspired art viral is still going strong. Here is a round up of the art revealed thus far: Hurley-inspired print by Tim Doyle. Locke-inspired poster created by UK artist Olly Moss, Dharma Van print by Methane Studios, and “The Crash” poster by Eric Tan.

Last night Lostites were directed to a Fall Out Boy concert in Dallas Texas. During the show, Pete Wentz was sporting a specially made Dharma bass (by Fender) and drummer Andy Hurley unvieled a Dharma inspired drum head.

And as you guessed it, both items had a new website url: HuckFinnWasTaken.com, where a new poster was unveiled: An 18×24 print of Jason Munn‘s “The 4-toed Statue” is available for $50. The gold foot is printed in gloss which can only be seen from certain angles and in certain lighting. Check out the full poster after the jump.

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