misfits american remake

The original Misfits wasn’t a spectacular show, but it was definitely a show the hooked and held onto your attention. Crude, violent, and bizarre, itĀ felt like lightning in a bottle: a combination of a stellar cast, including a pre-Game of Thrones Iwan Rheon and a pre-Loving Ruth Negga, outlandish plots about teens who use their abnormal superpowers to get into dumb hijinks and have lots and lots of sex.

It was a magic that couldn’t even be captured again when most of the original members left, with a second-gen cast anchored by the equally talented Joe Gilgun, who now appears alongside Negga on Preacher. The appeal of Misfits was that it went in bizarre places that mainstream superhero shows wouldn’t dare dream, and all of the cast were game for it. Which is why the Freeform remakeĀ that was just announced feels like a bad idea.

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