Last month it was revealed that Encore would be airing a documentary about Industrial Light & Magic, the visual effects company which has been around for thirty-five years now, after being started by George Lucas to create effects for Star Wars.

The documentary is directed by Leslie Iwerks, the filmmaker who made The Pixar Story (an awesome documentary in its own right). Both of these films were shot/produced in cooperation with the respective companies involved, which is both good and bad — yes, they are given unprecedented access to the company and people involved, but at the same time the documentary might avoid controversial bits and tell the glossier publicized history of the company. That said, I’m still very excited to see the film.

Tom Cruise narrates the doc, which also featurse interviews with George Lucas, Steven Spielberg, Ron HowardJ.J. Abrams and Jon Favreau as well as many other producers and actors. Industrial Light & Magic: Creating the Impossible airs November 12th on Encore. Hit the jump to watch the new trailer for the film.

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