in-rang the wolf brigade netflix

Netflix has picked up the next Kim Jee-Woon film for international release. The Korean auteur behind acclaimed works like A Tale of Two Sisters and The Good, the Bad, the Weird, will soon be thrilling South Korean audiences with his adaptation of the classic manga series Kerberos, but a global release was nowhere in sight — until now. Illang: The Wolf Brigade will soon be brought to international audiences on the streaming service.

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in-rang the wolf brigade trailer

Maybe Hollywood has a problem adapting beloved anime and manga properties, but it looks like South Korea won’t. The latest movie from acclaimed director Jee-Woon Kim (A Tale of Two Sisters, I Saw the Devil) is a remake of a classic manga series that has already seen three successful Japanese adaptations.

The title is probably best known as Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade, the classic 1999 anime film that still stands today as one of the seminal sci-fi films of the past few decades. Kim’s adaptation renames it In-rang: The Wolf Brigade, and transplants Mamoru Oshii‘s classic sci-fi story to a near-future reunified Korea. The first international trailer has been released, and though it doesn’t have subtitles, you don’t need to know Korean to know that the film is going to be great.

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