Damon Lindelof's Watchmen Backstory

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Zack Snyder's Justice League

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Suicide Squad

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Captain America Winter Soldier old suit

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Here’s a little bit of weekend fun. Hawkman has always seemed like a bit of an odd man out, depending on how his story is told and what character surround him. But even in the more cosmic tales from the DC universe, this guy is a weirdo. He’s got wings on a harnass and a mask that, while kind of cool to look at, sports a weird design that is somewhere between ancient Greece and ancient Egypt, and seems far more ceremonial than practical. No wonder all the other now-popular superheroes don’t want to drink with him. But what if he were to actually get his own film? Would that change anything? Watch how one interaction between Hawkman and the other heroes of today’s films might turn out. Read More »

Hawkman Movie Next For Warner Bros?


Are you a fan of DC comics’ Hawkman? I don’t know how much success the character has actually had. I’ve carried out a quick straw poll of my non-geek associates and none of them actually knew who he was and two of them thought I was talking about Condorman, the Disney movie with Michael Crawford.

If Warners and DC follow through with plans for a freshly-rumored Hawkman movie that low profile will be bound to change, courtesy of multi-million dollar marketing budgets.

Of course, the studios are pretty much past the immediately recognizable Spider-Man, Batman and Superman types and deep into the second-tier sorts like Iron Man, Elektra and Green Lantern and still having a certain amount of success. Hawkman is as likely to succeed, or for that matter fail, as any of them – with an attractive cast and good advance word of mouth, they could get an Iron Man size return, with unappealing actors and some dodgy looking trailers and posters, they’ll likely get an Elektra.

One of the key decisions will be just which version of Hawkman they decide to bring to the screen because the options seem quite varied.

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