Stuntmen React to Casino Royale

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In this edition, Corridor Crew brings in Jesse LaFlair, the Tony Hawk of parkour, to talk about stunt sequences from Casino Royale and more. Plus, check out an Indiegogo pitch for a live-action Scooby-Doo series in the vein of Riverdale and Supernatural, and listen to Anthony Mackie look back at his career in conjunction with his arrival in the second season of Altered Carbon on Netflix. Read More »

daniel dae kim Daniel Dae Kim Talks That Hawaii Five-O Salary Dispute

Daniel Dae Kim and Grace Park left Hawaii Five-O over salary disparity with the lead actors Alex O’Loughlin and Scott Caan. During CBS’s executive panel for the Television Critics Association last week, CBS Entertainment President Kelly Kahl said he considered the offers made to the supporting cast substantial. “We made a very lucrative offer to all the actors,” Kahl said.

On Sunday, Kim was on a different TCA panel as an executive producer of ABC’s new drama The Good Doctor. He remained gracious towards CBS and the producers of Hawaii Five-O, but maintained he would not settle for less than his co-stars.

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Netflix is getting a lot of competition of late, whether from Hulu‘s huge deal with Criterion or Amazon‘s new streaming service through Amazon Prime and a planned streaming offering from Redbox. At the same time, some content owners are getting more prickly when it comes to negotiating deals to stream content online. In short, the digital age of distribution is taking a couple steps forward and everyone wants their share.

So every new content deal is a good thing for any given company on the playing field. That said, here’s a new Netflix deal that might not do huge numbers, but could be a boon for fans: the company has signed a new two-year non-exclusive deal with CBS to stream the company’s library content, including The Twilight Zone, Twin Peaks and the various incarnations of Star Trek. Read More »

ABC is developing a small screen adaptation of John Updike’s The Witches of Eastwick. You might remember that George Miller brought the book to the big screen in 1987, with Jack Nicholson, Cher, Susan Sarandon and Michelle Pfeiffer. Warner Bros TV has been trying to bring the franchise to the small screen for almost two decades. The book has also been adapted for the stage. Written by Maggie Friedman (Dawson’s Creek, Jack and Bobby) , the new supernatural tv series will apparently be a variation of the 1987 film. The story will focus on three witches who are seduced by a devil-like character, who teaches them how to further their abilities. The idea of a witch-focused television series just makes me think of Charmed, which I pretty much hated with a passion. I don’t care how hot any of the women on that show are, the show was unwatchable. [variety]

Seth Green and Breckin Meyer are in talks to join the cast of Heroes for multi-episode story arcs. The duo will play play Atlanta-based comic book geeks who advise one of the heroes. How meta. [EW]

CBS has teamed with Criminal Minds executive producer Ed Bernero to develop a new version of Hawaii Five-O. The new series will focus of Chris McGarrett, a Hawaiian cop and son of Steve McGarrett, a character played in the original series by Jack Lord. The show will be updated (as will the clasic opening theme song) but Bernero insists that it won’t be a reinvention. [THR]