lord of the rings audiobooks

Add the name Andy Serkis to the growing list of actors turned audiobook narrators. This September, the actor who portrayed Gollum via motion capture in Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings movie trilogy is lending his voice to a new recording of J. R. R. Tolkien‘s original book trilogy for HarperCollins.

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Quentin Tarantino is now a novelist. Since the beginning of his career, his films have employed a novelistic structure, but now he’s writing actual books, the first of which adapts his last movie, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, for the page. Usually, it’s the other way around and we’re talking about the leap from page to screen. For whatever reason, movie novelizations have never been afforded artistic respect like film adaptations even though they fulfill a comparable task by translating a story to a different medium.

Now, we’ve got the quintessential filmmaker of the 1990s easing us further into the 2020s with a literary return to the 1960s. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood: A Novel, published straight to mass-market paperback by Harper Perennial, is a prose version of the hangout movie Tarantino delivered to audiences in packed theaters two summers ago. The world has changed and so has this narrative, but the voice recounting it remains the same old Tarantino, for better or for worse or for Valhalla. Even the dedications stir controversy: along with his wife and son and other “actor Old Timers,” there’s the name Robert Blake.

In the audiobook, provided by HarperAudio and narrated by Jennifer Jason Leigh, the author’s voice just happens to speak through the mouth of the actress who portrayed Daisy Domergue in The Hateful Eight.

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once upon a time in hollywood novel

Back in April, Quentin Tarantino teased on the “Pure Cinema Podcast” that he was considering writing a novel adaptation of his 2019 film Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. And now, Tarantino will get to write that novel after landing a two-book deal with the HarperCollins imprint Harper. Under the deal, Tarantino is writing a Once Upon a Time in Hollywood novel as well as a non-fiction book titled Cinema SpeculationRead More »

fox 2000 team

Elizabeth Gabler and her Fox 2000 team have found a new home after being giving their walking papers by Disney. In a move that surprised everyone, the House of Mouse shuttered Fox 2000 almost immediately after the big Disney-Fox deal was done, leaving Gabler and her team out of a job. Now, Sony has stepped in, and Gabler and her team will produce film and TV content based on HarperCollins books.

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