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The Ren & Stimpy Show was one of the first modern cartoons to prominently credit the work of the talented cartoonists and artists responsible for the bringing the show to life. Created by John Kricfalusi, a man praised as a mad genius by his those he worked with, the series sparked a new kind of cartoon, one that was edgy enough to crack up adults with an odd sense of humor but also silly enough to entertain the kids glued to Nickelodeon. It was a groundbreaking hit.

However, today the celebration of Ren & Stimpy is bittersweet due to the questionable behavior and misdeeds of the creator, known to his colleagues and collaborators as John K. On top of the abrasive creative process that made the show a troublesome but exciting working environment, Kricfalusi took advantage of several young teenage girls who aspired to follow in his footsteps and engaged in inappropriate relationships with them. Though this has undoubtedly tainted the legacy of this revered cartoon, the new documentary Happy Happy Joy Joy: The Ren & Stimpy Story attempts to reconcile his eccentric brilliance with his reprehensible personal life by affirming how Kricfalusi himself was not solely responsible for the greatness of the titular madcap chihuahua and his dimwitted cat friend. Read More »