There’s more strings to Garth Jennings‘ bow than to a life sized Harp lager logo. Along with producer Nick Goldsmith and (sometimes) editor Dom Leung, Jennings is one part of Hammer and Tongs, creators of world-beating music videos and commercials; he’s part of Squid Vicar, a Tongs offshoot musical… thing that has played a fair sized handful of gigs and released an album of telephone hold music; he’s the best presenter that The Adam and Joe Show on 6 Music doesn’t always have; he directed The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and Son of Rambow; and he’s particularly good at telling Mark Kermode to “Fuck off” on TV. Basically, he’s living the dream.

In interview to discuss his new video for Vampire Weekend’s Cousins (which you can see below the break, alongside a test/pitch version), Jennings also gave a minor update on the two big-screen projects he’s got in development – one animation, the other “a live action epic”.

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