Pyongyang movie canceled

One ripple from the decisions being made about Sony’s film The Interview is already being felt at another company. New Regency had been setting up a darkly comic film called Pyongyang to shoot in early 2015. The film, to be directed by Gore Verbinski with Steve Carell starring, was written to take place in the North Korean capital city after which the movie is named. Now, however, the picture has been scrapped. Read More »


New Regency, which co-produced Noah, recently signed a multi-year deal with Darren Aronofsky and his Protozoa Pictures. Now the company that just backed 12 Years a Slave and has Gone Girl and Birdman coming up has signed another three-year deal with a director and his production company. Gore Verbinski and his company Blind Wink are now aligned with New Regency, and Verbinski will produce and direct films for the company.

What’s first? Perhaps Pyongyang, a journey into North Korea based on the graphic novel by Guy Delisle. Read More »

In an age of common air travel, telecommunications, and the World Wide Web, North Korea may be the only country that remains truly isolated from the rest of the globe. While it is possible to visit, it’s notoriously difficult to explore the land. Foreigners are carefully monitored by translators, guides, and guards. But thanks to a deal with New Regency and Gore Verbinski, we may soon be getting a inside look at the secretive nation.

The studio has just acquired the rights to Pyongyang, Guy Delisle‘s graphic novel based on his experiences in the DPRK capital. Verbinski is set to direct, as well as produce through his Blind Wink banner. The script comes from Steve Conrad (The Secret Life of Walter Mitty), and is said to be dakly comedic in tone. More details after the jump.

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