My Best Friend's Exorcism Movie

Whenever a horror movie with an exorcism comes along, it usually threatens to tear apart a family who has just moved into a new home. But soon the evil of the devil will square off with the power of friendship in Amazon’s upcoming film adaptation of Grady Hendrix’s best-selling book My Best Friend’s Exorcism. Read More »

The Final Girl Support Group

Annapurna has scooped up the rights to The Final Girl Support Group, an upcoming novel from Grady Hendrix, and plan to turn it into a series. The book is an homage to slasher movies, following a group of “final girls” clearly inspired by the surviving female characters from titles like Friday the 13thThe Texas Chain Saw MassacreHalloween, and A Nightmare on Elm StreetElizabeth Craft and Sarah Fain are handling the script.

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horrorstor movie

IKEA seems like the perfect setting for a horror movie — an unending labyrinth of sleek, Swedish furniture from which there is no escape. So it’s no wonder that Grady Hendrix’s debut horror comedy novel Horrorstör, which centers on a haunted furniture superstore modeled off the Swedish company, was a hit. Now New Republic Pictures, which co-financed and produced the Oscar-winning 1917, is developing a Horrorstör movie with Hendrix set to adapt his own material. Read More »

overlook film festival day three

There’s another day of repeat viewings left at the Overlook Film Festival as I type this up, but I’m rolling out of NOLA today and leaving it all behind. So long to the murderous humidity, blasting air conditioners, high calorie foods, and a vast sea of alcohol. My last day of the fest was day three, yesterday, which I spent indoors as much as possible. I also ended up partaking in the best the fest had to offer in the form of two movies – one of which I had already seen. The best event turned out to not be a movie at all, though. Instead, author Grady Hendrix returned to New Orleans to give Overlook attendees an early glimpse of his upcoming Paperbacks from Hell II: Think of the Children. The end result was one of the most entertaining experiences of my life.

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My Best Friend's Exorcism movie

The power of Christ has compelled Endeavor Content to snap up the film rights to Grady Hendrix‘s novel My Best Friend’s ExorcismChristopher Landon, the writer-director of the Happy Death Day films, will produce and possibly direct. The story is set in 1988, and focuses on two teenage best friends, one of whom might be possessed. More on the My Best Friend’s Exorcism movie below.

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mohawk review

Ted Geoghegan’s Mohawk hits select theaters and VOD this Friday, March 2, and you should make a point of seeking it out. This deft blend of history and horror is not an easy sell to a general audience, but it’s definitely worth seeing. Here are four key reasons you’re going to want to watch this film.

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mohawk trailer

Mohawk, the second film from We Are Still Here director Ted Geoghegan, has unleashed a brand new trailer, and it looks particularly promising. The film is set against the backdrop of the War of 1812, and follows a young Mohawk warrior turning the tables on the American soldiers pursuing her. Much bloodshed follows. Watch the Mohawk trailer below.

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