Genius Super Bowl spot

We’re only a day away from (hopefully) seeing Matt Ryan and the Atlanta Falcons defeat the New England Patriots. That matchup should make for a great game, and if not, at least we’ll see some commercials to keep us engaged. One ad guaranteed to grab the attention of a few million people is an ad for the National Geographic series Genius, which features Albert Einstein (Geoffrey Rush) playing Lady Gaga’s riveting “Bad Romance” on the violin.

Below, watch the Genius Super Bowl spot.

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genius trailer

If you’re going to cast someone as brilliant as Albert Einstein, Geoffrey Rush, an actor who exudes intelligence and wisdom, isn’t a bad choice. Rush stars in National Geographic’s first scripted series, Genius. The anthology drama will depict world’s greatest innovators, and season one starts with the legendary Noble Prize-winning physicist.

Below, watch the Genius trailer.

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Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales Teaser Trailer

Walt Disney Pictures has released the first Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales teaser trailer. Hit the jump to watch the Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales trailer and leave your thoughts in the comments.

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Gods of Egypt Super Bowl Spot

If Gerard Butler screaming as a power-hungry god along with tons of crazy creatures flying around and destroying things doesn’t get you interested in Alex Proyas‘ action epic, then nothing will. Lionsgate has just debuted a 60-second Super Bowl spot for Gods of Egypt, attempting to get the crowd that loves both football and 300 on board this positively insane looking movie. There’s a good chance it just might work. Watch the Gods of Egypt Super Bowl spot after the jump. Read More »

The Best Offer header

From the director of Cinema Paradiso, featuring the music of Ennio Morricone and starring Geoffrey Rush, Jim Sturgess and Donald Sutherland, The Best Offer hits theaters and video on demand January 1.

The film follows an art dealer (Rush) who is asked to sell the possessions of a woman who refuses to be seen. While researching her incredible collection, he falls deeper and deeper into a mysterious puzzle. The latest by Giuseppe Tornatore won a ton of awards in Europe and sounds like it has passion and intrigue we’ve come to expect from the director, with that award-winning cast to boot.

/Film is proud to debut the first poster for The Best Offer, which opens in New York and comes on demand January 1. Check it out below. Read More »

The Book Thief

Despite an intriguing premise and a promising cast (including Geoffrey Rush and Emily Watson), the first U.S. trailer for The Book Thief wasn’t really very appealing. The focus was murky, the sentimentality was laid on thick, and a cheesy voiceover instantly cheapened the whole thing. Worse, there wasn’t even any book-thieving. Glimpses of book-holding and book-reading, yes, but not a single moment to explain the film’s title.

The new U.K. trailer immediately proves itself superior by opening with a scene of its heroine Liesel (Sophie Nélisse) swiping a volume from a book-burning rally. And it only gets better from there. It’s still an inspirational drama set in Nazi Germany, but the uplift feels earned this time, and the characters have far more personality. Check out the new promo after the jump, and let us know if you agree.

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Geoffrey Rush

After spending much of the past decade with Jack Sparrow on the high seas, Geoffrey Rush is headed to warmer, drier climates in Gods of Egypt. The Oscar-winning actor will join Gerard Butler and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau in the Alex Proyas-directed fantasy, which follows a mortal who gets caught up in a dispute between deities. Hit the jump to find out whom they’ll be playing.

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The Book Thief

Around this point in the year, it becomes possible to see, in broad strokes, how the upcoming awards season might shape up. The studios have set their release calendars, the most promising titles have hit the festival circuit or are just about to, and several buzzed-about flicks have already put out full-length trailers for general consumption.

But even so, there are always a few pics that seemingly come out of nowhere to join the fray. This year’s dark horse could be The Book Thief, directed by Brian Percival (Downton Abbey) and starring Sophie Nélisse, Geoffrey Rush, and Emily Watson. While we haven’t heard much about it up to this point, it seems to have all the hallmarks of an awards-season favorite.

Based on a New York Times bestseller (check), The Book Thief follows the uplifting tale (check) of a young girl and her foster parents in Nazi Germany (double check). The only way this could sound more Oscar-friendly would be if her big obsession was movies (a la Hugo) instead of books. Watch the first trailer after the jump.

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‘Green Lantern’ 3D Trailer

Why studios are releasing 3D trailers online and calling them “3D trailers” when we can’t watch them in 3D is beyond me. Paramount did it earlier today with Transformers: Dark of the Moon and now Warner Bros. has done it with Green Lantern. But, unlike the Transformers trailer, this Green Lantern trailer is totally different from the previous one and, like almost everything that’s been released from this film, it’s even better looking than the last thing. Case in point: Ryan Reynolds doesn’t even appear for a minute and a half into this one. It’s all about the Corps. Check it out after the jump. Read More »

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With all the talk about Fast Five‘s huge opening weekend and Thor‘s big international box office haul, not to mention that film’s impending domestic opening, it’s almost as if the next blockbuster on the summer movies horizon is being overlooked. That film is Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, the Rob Marshall-directed fourth film in the Pirates saga, starring Johnny Depp, Ian McShane, Penelope Cruz and Geoffrey Rush. As the May 20th, 3D release approaches, Disney has begun the full on, cannon’s blazing, Pirates of the Caribbean marketing barrage. Along with all the trailers, commercials, interviews and featurettes, though, Yahoo Movies has an especially cool one minute clip of an action scene from early in the film. Read More »