Colin Trevorrow Jurassic World Follow-up

Jurassic World is finally hitting theaters today, and as promised, here is my final interview with director Colin Trevorrow about the movie. As many of you know, I have talked to Colin two other times during the production of the film, once about the information leaks and fan backlash to some of those details and another time in an extensive interview when I visited the set of the film. My latest interview with Colin was conducted at the junket on the Universal back lot last week after having seen the movie.

In the interview, Colin talks about the Flight of the Navigator remake, how the voice cameos in the movie came about, the ideas of commercialization and sequels in the movie, how Steven Spielberg helped change the edit of the movie, the fan reaction to the trailers and the struggle to preserve surprises, how he met his writing partner Derek Connolly while working at Saturday Night Live, featherless dinosaurs in an age when science thinks different, and would he be interested in directing a Star Wars movie.

After the jump, you can read the whole interview (a couple of excerpts have run earlier in the week) which is virtually spoiler free (I have removed one question and answer which I will run next week after everyone has seen the film).

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Breaking: Gary Coleman Dead At 42

Gary Coleman
Gary Coleman has died at age 42. According to Radar, Coleman had been hospitalized in Utah since Wednesday, May 26th, after suffering what his family has been calling “a serious medical problem.” Coleman suffered an intracranial hemorrhage, and slipped into a coma. He was pulled of life support on Friday morning.

Coleman is probably best known for the television show Diff’rent Strokes, but has appeared in a few movies, including On The Right Track, Jimmy The Kid, Fox Hunt, Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star, Church Ball, An American Carol, and most recently Midgets vs. Mascots.