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Almost three years ago, Django Lives! was announced and the timing couldn’t have been more fortuitous. Quentin Tarantino‘s Django Unchained was just about to hit theaters and people – normal people! – were actually interested in the spaghetti western icon whose name inspired Jamie Foxx’s slave-turned-bounty-hunter. But that was three years ago and this sequel, the third in the Django series, was thought dead. Until right now. Seemingly out of the blue, it has been revealed that acclaimed writer and director John Sayles has been hired to pen the screenplay. Hopefully, it won’t take another three years for another update.

To learn what there is to know about the new Django Lives screenwriter, hit the jump.

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In 1966, the film Django became a European hit, eventually spawning a sequel (Django Strikes Again, 1987) but also inspiring a horde of imitators that used the the character name in various ways to get audience attention. The latest film in the long-running non-series is Quentin Tarantino’s Django Unchained, which adopts the Django name to tell a story that is wholly unrelated to the original ’66 film.

The original Django, Franco Nero, has a cameo in Tarantino’s film (pictured above), but now he’s poised to return to the role he made famous almost fifty years ago. Producers Eric Zaldivar and Mike Malloy have secured Nero’s interest to star in a film provisionally titled Django Lives! In addition to info on that film, after the break you’ll find a video interview with Tarantino in which he explains the Django lineage. Read More »

Today may be Halloween but I’m already looking ahead to Christmas. The family gatherings, the joy of giving, the religious celebration… it’s all important. But this year, there’s also Tarantino. Quentin Tarantino‘s latest film, Django Unchained, opens on December 25 and brings with it the kind of excitement generated by a filmmaker whose previous releases have been almost universally stellar. Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction, Jackie Brown, Kill Bill, Inglourious Basterds and now the story of a slave (Jamie Foxx) trained by a bounty hunter (Christoph Waltz) to kill some evil brothers (including Leonardo DiCaprio) to save the slave’s wife (Kerry Washington).

Tarantino recently revealed, like is the case with many of his films, Django is going to have ties to his previous movie and that makes this new batch of images even more interesting. Besides new shots of several of the stars, we meet secondary characters played by Don Johnson and Walton Goggins. Most of the Tarantino movie connections are tangential so it’s possible these guys are more important than they seem. And if they’re not, it’s still a new look at the latest Tarantino film. Check out all the images after the jump. Read More »

When the news first broke about Quentin Tarantino‘s new movie, there was some confusion as to the real nature of the project. We first heard the movie was called The Angel, the Brute and the Wise, and that classic spaghetti western star Franco Nero would be involved. That confusion continued when we learned that QT’s new film is actually called Django Unchained, as Django is the name of Franco Nero’s best-known set of films.

But there is a QT-Franco Nero film, and it is something altogether different from Django Unchained. It is a western, and it is called The Angel, the Brute and the Wise. But the presumed roles of the two men are, in fact, reversed: Franco Nero is directing the movie as an homage to John Huston (no, not John Ford) and Sergio Leone, and he has convinced Quentin Tarantino to play a part. Read More »

‘Cars 2’ Trailer #4

Just on the off chance that you’d overlooked the fact that a sequel to Cars is being released this summer, Disney and Pixar have released another full-length trailer (after a unleashing a legion of clips and TV spots) for Cars 2. The Disney/Pixar channel on YouTube calls this trailer #4, and who am I to argue? There is some new footage here, and the trailer is cut well, but at this point either you’re on board for Cars 2 or you’re not. If by some chance you’re new to the fact that the film exists, hit the break for the new trailer, or check it out if you can’t wait for the film to open on June 24. Read More »

You’ve got to hand it to Quentin Tarantino: he can go months or even years without a peep, and then he comes out of the gate with a big project. Last time it was Inglourious Basterds, the WWII film that he’d been talking up for years, but actually made in a year, exactly as he said he would when announcing it at Cannes 2008.

Now he’s got a Western project. Rumblings of the film emerged last week, then were confirmed yesterday with word that the film is a western that will feature Christoph Waltz and perhaps Franco Nero, Keith Carradine and Treat Williams. Now the director has talked about it at the Weinstein Company Oscar afterparty. In short: he’s on track to deliver the script within two months (seemingly to The Weinstein Company) and then get the film before cameras later this year. Quite a turnaround for the director, who was previously known for obsessing over his scripts for many more months at a time. Read More »

Last week, in addition to finding that the full cut of Kill Bill complete with new anime sequence (aka Kill Bill: The Whole Bloody Affair) would play the New Beverly Cinema in March, there were whisperings that Quentin Tarantino is busy assembling his new film. At the time we didn’t have any real word about what the movie would be, but now Italian actor and one-time spaghetti western star Franco Nero says that he is involved in a western with Quentin Tarantino. Further reports say that the director’s next film is definitely a western, and that it will star breakout Inglourious Basterds star Christoph Waltz.

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Disney has revealed three new characters who will appear in Pixar’s Cars 2: Uncle Topolino, Mama Topolino and Francesco Bernoulli. Hit the jump to see super high resolution images, official character bios, and a 360-degree animated turnaround video.

We have learned a bit of information that Disney has yet to announce — Francesco Bernoulli is set to be voiced by John Turturro.

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