One of the many projects that Ridley Scott has had in development is based on Joe Haldeman‘s novel The Forever War.

This one has been in the works for a while, with David Webb Peoples (Blade Runner, Unforgiven, 12 Monkeys) writing a few drafts. But now Peoples has been supplanted by Dante Harper. This might actually be a good thing. Why? Because the book revolves around a soldier who is fighting a war against a distant alien race . The enemies are so far away, that soldiers sent out to fight may spend a year in transit and battle, but, due to the mechanics of faster than light travel, return home to an Earth that has aged decades. The time-displaced soldier re-enlists, and ends up spending centuries of Earth time at war in space.

It’s a great concept, and here’s where Harper comes in: he wrote the prime draft of All You Need is Kill, in which a soldier relives the same day of battle many times, and gradually improves his skills as he does so, like a video game player going through the same level over and over. The similarity is pretty evident, I think, and is likely part of the reason Harper is now penning a new draft.  Read More »


Which is better, Alien or Aliens? Well, I can answer that one for you – it’s Alien. But Aliens is rather special too. Just not, you know, most-important-film-of-the-70s special.

There is now a new chapter in the give and take between Ridley Scott and James Cameron, however. The BFI here in good ol’ Blighty (that’s what the B stands for) had a Blade Runner day at the weekend and while I didn’t go along myself – shame on me – a good handful of reporters were handy. One of them managed to get down Scott’s key quote on his upcoming sci-fi actioner, and how Avatar has inspired him to shoot it in 3D.

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