Feels Good Man trailer

Pepe the Frog wasn’t always a symbol of white supremacy. It started out as an innocent cartoon character created by artist Matt Furie for an underground comic called Boy’s Club, but he improbably became a meme and was eventually co-opted by the alt-right into a symbol of hatred that was wielded like a weapon in various online forums. Feels Good Man is a documentary about the creation of Pepe, the character’s unlikely journey into a dark corner of the internet, and Furie’s attempt to reclaim and rebrand his creation. Check out the trailer below. Read More »

Feels Good Man Review

Legacy was an interesting sub-theme of this year’s True/False Festival. Several of the films in this year’s lineup consider the impact a person’s life and/or work have on family, fans and the world at large. Some of these movies, like Mucho Mucho Amor and Dick Johnson is Dead dealt with this topic in conjunction with the end of their subjects’ lives. Others, like Crip Camp considered the legacies of self-made communities, and the people that powered them.

Feels Good Man is also about legacy. It’s not nearly as loving as any of the above-named examples, however. Feels Good Man is, in some sense, a horror movie about the legacy of images, the ownership of images by their creators, and the lives they take on outside of the artists who make them. In particular, it’s a horror story about the life of one particular image: Pepe.

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