Briefly: Simon Crane, long-time stunt coordinator, was once set to direct the troubled film Kane & Lynch. After cycling through a few directorial attachments, that production seems to have settled on F. Gary Gray as helmer. But Simon Crane has other films lined up now — he’s been working on one called Echelon, a Euro action thriller with Jason Statham. And now he is attached to High Wire, written by The Conspirator screenwriter James Solomon. This one seems to have a very different bent from The Conspirator, however. It is a thriller set in New York City with “a strong emotional component,” per the LA Times.

Echelon will probably be shot first, the director says — easier to get something going when International Action Star Jason Statham is already on board.

If an actor is sharing screentime with Jason Statham in one of his numerous Jason-Statham-kicks-ass-and-drives-cool-cars-and-screws-lots-of-hot-women vehicles, the odds of that character surviving is against them. And assuming that character does meet an untimely yet entirely expected end, the odds of that death being anything short of preposterously brutal is even slimmer. So what’s next on Statham’s agenda of casual murder and badassery?

Word is he aims to dispatch two teams worth of human punching bags in Echelon, an action-thriller that he’s circling about a ex-special forces soldier who finds himself caught between warring Russian Mafia and US secret agents as they all race to get their hands on the titular Echelon computer program. In other words, it promises to be a cultural melting pot of carnage. Learn more after the break. Read More »