You all know me as a bit of a poster freak so when I say this, know I’m not being hyperbolic. Mondo‘s poster for 13 Assassins, designed by Vania Zouravliov, is an early contender for poster of the year. Based on the awesome, bad-ass, insert positive adjective here samurai film by Takashi Miike, Zouravliov’s piece not only evokes a whole other time period, it pops with energy and emotion. It’s stunning. And it even comes in three colors.

Check out the variants after the jump, along with new Mondo posters for Rocky 3, Dragonslayer, The Hills Have Eyes and The Mole People. Yes, Mondo is on a bit of a cult kick after The Avengers and we like it. Read More »

The voiceover in this trailer for Dragonslayer, the documentary that won Best Documentary and Best Cinematography awards at SXSW, is your standard “screw the government” claptrap. Avoid corporations, don’t do anything that will contribute taxes, rely only on yourself. That last tenet is pretty good, but the speech as a whole comes off as absurdly naive. Because one presumes that the skateboarding kids in Dragonslayer need roads to skate on as they navigate from one empty house and forgotten pool to another. And I don’t think the polyurethane in the wheels under their skate decks was able to develop itself.

But that’s part of what makes Dragonslayer appealing. Beyond the fact that the Best Cinematography award looks like it may have been deserved, it’s that sense of total youthful, punk rock disconnect. The movie looks like a window into a world that most of us would never think of living in. And that’s one of the core ideas of the documentary, right?  Read More »

SXSW Film Festival Announces 2011 Features Lineup

The South by Southwest Film Festival has announced their features lineup for the 2011’s Festival, which will take place March 11th to the 19th in Austin Texas. Read the full press release after the jump.

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