domee shi feature

Domee Shi has already made history as the first female director to helm a Pixar short, and now she’ll be shattering a few more glass ceilings at the notoriously male-run animation studio. The director behind the lovely, Oscar-contending Pixar short Bao confirmed that she is working on her feature film debut with Pixar’s backing.

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bao recipe

Did Pixar’s heartwarming and magnificent animated short Bao have you craving the love of your absent child, or better yet, dumplings? If it was the latter, then you’re in luck because Pixar has released the Bao recipe that director Domee Shi learned from her own mother. Unfortunately, this recipe probably won’t solve any feelings of abject loneliness surrounding a child who has left the nest. But hey, at least you’ll have delicious food!

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Bao clip

Disney/Pixar’s Incredibles 2 arrives in theaters this June, but before we reunite with the superheroic Parr family, we’ll be treated to a brand new Pixar short film called Bao. Now the first Bao clip has made its way online, and if there’s such a thing as a trigger warning for cuteness, I’m implementing it now. Warning: watching this may cause squeals of delight or maybe an involuntary “awww” to escape from your mouth. Read More »

bao first look

Pixar’s newest short film, Bao, looks so good that you could just eat it up. And you can now get a Bao first look, with the first images from the Pixar short that will air in front of Incredibles 2 dropping on the internet.

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There’s something magical about watching a Pixar short. You go into one without any clue what to expect except for something truly spectacular — whether it be a feat of technological prowess, a wacky creative experiment, or a peek into another culture.

It sounds like the new Pixar short is a combination of all three. Bao, the Pixar short set to screen in front of Incredibles 2 this summer, will follow a lonely empty-nester mother who is delighted when a baby dumpling comes to life.

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