Although he made his name in the late ’70s and early ’80s with horror classics like The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Salem’s Lot, and (at least officially) Poltergeist, director Tobe Hooper‘s been laying low as of late. His last credits, two episodes of the Showtime series Masters of Horror, and the 2005 film Mortuary, are from several years back, and the films he did before that (including Toolbox Murders and The Mangler)¬†were neither as well known nor as highly respected as his early work.

Happily for horror fans, he’s back this year with a new film called Djinn, described as “unique new take on the haunted house thriller uncovers the dark truth behind classic fairytales of the Genie.” And in even better news, the first trailer for the film actually looks pretty good, aside from the fact that some of the scenes could use subtitles for English speakers. Watch it after the jump.

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Tobe Hooper to Direct ‘Djinn’

Tobe Hooper will forever be linked to two of the most memorable horror films ever made: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Poltergeist. (Questions of direction of the latter film aside, that is.) His more recent stuff hasn’t been quite up to that level of recognizance, and in fact it has been over five years since he directed any feature or TV work. But he also hasn’t worn out his welcome so we’re hopeful that his new venture will pack a punch.

Tobe Hooper is now set to direct Djinn, a horror film that will take place in and be shot on location in Abu Dhabi. Read More »