Fleabag - Phoeber Waller-Bridge

The 2019 Television Critics Association Tour handed out accolades with the 35th Annual TCA Awards honoring achievements in television, and this year cable and streaming walked away with almost all of the awards. Amazon’s comedy series Fleabag came out on top with three awards, but HBO also had a good night with Chernobyl and Deadwood taking home awards, including a lifetime achievement award for the latter show’s creator, David Milch. Get the rest of the 2019 TCA Awards winners below. Read More »

Deadwood the movie interview

If you watch television with any regularity, you’ve seen Molly Parker. She’s been on House of Cards, the new Lost in Space, Goliath, Dexter, Shattered, and so much more, vanishing into her characters with a chameleon quality that allows someone as talented as her to be called underrated. But like so many other veterans of HBO’s greatest show, she’s probably best known for her work on Deadwood.

Parker’s Alma Ellsworth is back in Deadwood: The Movie, which finally gives the abruptly cancelled series the conclusion it deserves. The movie is streaming on HBO Go right now and it’s required viewing, giving every character a moment in the spotlight to remind you why you loved them so much to begin with. And naturally, Parker had a lot to say about returning to the part when we spoke with her.

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w. earl brown deadwood interview

For three seasons, W. Earl Brown played enforcer and bodyguard Dan Dority on Deadwood, while also serving as part of the writing staff. Brown returns to the role for the upcoming Deadwood: The Movie, hitting HBO this week. The actor spoke with /Film about his work on the original show, including the work that went into creating the famous fight scene from season 3. Brown also delved into the research he did for the part, and whether or not he had faith that the long-awaited movie would ever happen. Read our W. Earl Brown Deadwood interview below.

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Robin Weigert Deadwood Interview

After more than a decade away, Deadwood returns in the form of Deadwood: The MovieThe long-awaited conclusion to one of the best television shows of all time picks up with nearly every character from the original series, bringing individual stories to a satisfying conclusion. One of those characters is Calamity Jane, played once again by the estimable Robin Weigert. Weigert spoke to /Film about what it was like to work on the original Deadwood series – which is available to stream in full on HBO Now – and how it felt to slip back into Calamity Jane’s boots after so much time away. Read our Robin Weigert Deadwood interview below.

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deadwood movie production

If you’re a diehard Deadwood fan, then you might be amazed that the day has finally come. The day, of course, is the arrival of new Deadwood, in the form of a two-hour movie premiering on HBO this Friday, May 31. Yes, it’s real, despite years of promises and failed plans to bring something to light. The continuation of the three-season series inspired by the real camp in Deadwood, South Dakota has been a long time coming, and honestly felt like it would never happen for most of the intervening 13 years. Fans of the show love it for its ornate dialogue, its distinctive and consistent profanity, and its unexpected depths of emotion, empathy and humanity.

So with that in mind, let’s count down the 10 best moments from Deadwood, both the series and the film itself (so, yes, major spoilers from the series and some light spoilers from the movie ahead).

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Stranger Things LEGO Set

The Morning Watch is a recurring feature that highlights a handful of noteworthy videos from around the web. They could be video essays, fanmade productions, featurettes, short films, hilarious sketches, or just anything that has to do with our favorite movies and TV shows.

In this edition, get a closer look at the new Stranger Things LEGO set with a retro video from the classic series Behind the Brick. Plus, get a recap of the entire Deadwood series before the movie comes to HBO at the end of the month, and listen to a rap featuring the names of every single Pokémon that appears in Detective Pikachu. Read More »

deadwood the movie review

After more than a decade, it’s time to ride back into Deadwood one final time. Creator David Milch has made good on his promise to conclude his Shakespearian Western, bringing back nearly every character audiences grew to love and hate over the three seasons of the original show. The end result is sweet and melancholy, and definitively finite. The impending future is a running theme through Deadwood: The Movie – a constant reminder to these aging characters that you can’t move forward without burying the past in a shallow grave.

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david schwartz clip

David Schwartz has a knack for composing memorable music for very funny shows. He’s spent the last two decades creating music for several TV titles, including The Good PlaceArrested Development and VEEP. In an exclusive clip below, Schwartz breaks down the elements from the scores of those three shows, utilizing unexpected instrumentation.

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deadwood the movie behind the scenes

Ready to saddle up and head back to Deadwood? After 13 years of waiting, viewers will have the chance to return to HBO’s poetically vulgar Western with Deadwood: The Movie. In anticipation of the impending debut, HBO has released a new behind-the-scenes video that checks in with the cast on set, discussing how excited and emotional they all are to slip back into character.

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deadwood the movie trailer

A full Deadwood: The Movie trailer is here, and it does not disappoint. The cast is together again, older, wiser, and angrier. Some thirteen years after the original series was cancelled, HBO has given David Milch’s grungy, brilliant Western a second chance to end things right. Many of us thought this moment would never come, but now it’s almost here. Watch the Deadwood: The Movie trailer below.

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