The last time we heard a rumor about Supernatural creator Eric Kripke and his possible ties to a comic book-based TV show, he was being linked to Neil Gaiman’s Sandman. That didn’t happen — or isn’t happening quickly, as DC is taking its time getting Sandman off the ground — but now he’s linked to another DC property. And its kind of an interesting one: Deadman, a second-stringer (maybe a third-stringer?) who has been a constant in the DC Universe since the late ’60s. Read More »

Guillermo Del Toro Teases Some Big News


Immense as it is, it seems that The Hobbit isn’t all that Guillermo del Toro has on the boil. Beyond being just six months or so into a many-year journey to bring the Baggins family back to the silver screen, he’s now teasing that there’s another big project – or big for him at least, he says – about to come to light. What could it be? Thankfully, there are clues lying about and you can peruse them after the break.

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