dead alive 4k

Peter Jackson may be more well-known now for his epic Lord of the Rings films, but he started his career creating ultra-gory schlock horror. Films like Dead Alive and Bad Taste, loaded with bloody practical effects and a wicked sense of humor. As of now, the only versions of these films available to the general public are not exactly what you’d call “high definition.” The quality is spotty, degrading all the bright red blood Jackson worked so hard to splash up on the screen. But there’s hope in sight. Jackson himself has revealed he’s working on new Bad Taste and Dead Alive 4K restorations, hinting that new Blu-rays might be on the way.

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great zombie movies

If you think the zombie movie is dead, you’re not alone.

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies opened with a thud this past weekend. The shambling undead have become television fixtures thanks to AMC’s The Walking Dead, which has dominated the zombie conversation for so long that the genre has stopped feeling special. Countless new movies have been rightfully accused of repeatedly treading on familiar ground, riffing on a template that George Romero built with Night of the Living Dead decades ago and refusing to try anything truly new. For many, the mere thought of a new zombie movie sounds exhausting, boring.

But like all horror subgenres, a zombie movie is only as good and as unique as its makers are ambitious and clever. I’ve rounded up a group of zombie movies, some older and some new, that don’t play by the traditional rules. These are the movies that allow me to keep my faith in zombie movies alive and well, so consider these the antidote to everything else that has been frustrating you lately.

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See that large blank spot on your wall? This week is a great time to fill it with a limited edition movie themed print. Mondo has a few posters for movies that haven’t been interpreted much like Peter Jackson’s Dead Alive, Tim Burton’s Beetlejuice and Chris Morris’ Four Lions (which we exclusively premiered here). Then, several of the prints we highlighted from the Wes Anderson themed Bad Dads show at the Lopo Gallery in San Francisco are either on sale now or going on sale later this week, including full sets by Kevin Tong and Tim Doyle. More details after the jump. Read More »