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Thematically complex and brilliantly acted, the masterfully written (and almost entirely dialogue-based) Doubt ranked as one of my top ten favorite movies of 2008. Even on its own, the amount of intrigue and thought-provoking material provided by the film’s central premise is enough to sustain the film, but what really pushes it over the edge is its clever and thoughtful incorporation of other issues relevant to the time period. Truly a fascinating and powerful effort from writer/director John Patrick Shanley, who adapted the film from his play.
Blu-ray? Yes.
Notable Extras: Audio commentary with John Patrick Shanley, and 4 featurettes (From Stage to Screen, Scoring Doubt, The Sisters of Charity, The Cast of Doubt).

Target Best Buy Fry’s
$16.99 $19.99 $16.99
Amazon – $18.99

What? Free $5 Best Buy Gift Card with purchase of both Doubt and No Country for Old Men (3-Disc Collector’s Edition) ($24.99).
Where? Best Buy.

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