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In this edition, of Superhero Bits:

  • Find out what the abandoned LEGO Batman 2 movie would have been about
  • Editor Kevin Hickman talks David Ayer‘s cut of Suicide Squad
  • Dennis the Mailman from WandaVision has his own rap music video
  • Check out some spy photos of Rachel Zegler in Shazam! Fury of the Gods
  • Load up on Loki Easter eggs, callbacks, and comic references
  • And more!

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After years of demanding it, fans were finally given the fabled Snyder Cut, AKA Zack Snyder’s Justice League, last week. You might think that would be enough, but a vocal group of those same fans wants even more. They want Warner Bros. to restore the so-called SnyderVerse by giving Zack Snyder the keys to future DC adaptations. On top of that, some also want to restore David Ayer‘s preferred cut of Suicide Squad, as that movie was notoriously tinkered-with before it hit theaters.

But according to WarnerMedia Studios CEO Ann Sarnoff, there are no plans for any of that. In other words, it really looks like the SnyderVerse is over and done with.

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tax collector trailer

David Ayer, director of Suicide SquadFury, and writer of Training Day, returns to the world of the crime thriller with The Tax Collector. This looks like Ayer treading familiar ground, and bringing his Fury actor Shia LaBeouf along for the ride. LaBeouf plays a “tax collector” in the criminal underworld, and he and his partner (Bobby Soto) are soon caught up in something dangerous.

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suicide squad ayer cut

Now that the long-debated Justice League Snyder Cut has been confirmed to debut on HBO Max next year, Suicide Squad director David Ayer hasn’t held back in advocating for an “Ayer Cut” of his critically slammed 2016 comic book film. The filmmaker has been teasing juicy new details of his original cut of Suicide Squad, including a stronger connection to Justice League and a “rich and dimensional” characterization of Joker.

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suicide squad director's cut

This is the world we live in now: if you are loud enough about demanding a director’s cut on Twitter, it will come. After the mythic Snyder Cut earned its triumphant victory with an HBO Max release in 2021, the floodgates have opened for directors who want their original visions to be shown to rabid fans. The latest filmmaker to join the director’s cut train is David Ayer, whose 2016 comic book film Suicide Squad was famously subjected to long reshoots and re-edits. Ayer revealed that is “Ayer Cut” of Suicide Squad would be “easy to complete” and “incredibly cathartic” to release.

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six years

Calling all dads and fans of airport paperbacks! David Ayer is bringing Harlan Coben‘s Six Years to Netflix. Ayer will direct the adaptation of Coben’s novel about a college professor searching for a woman from his past who has gone missing. Ayer is no stranger to working with Netflix, having directed the Will Smith movie Bright for them. He also wrote the Bright sequel, but is handing directorial duties on that over to Louis Leterrier.

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David Ayer does not make light movies. Ayer’s name is most known to mainstream audiences for Suicide Squad and Bright, but his filmography is mostly hard-hitting crime thrillers. Harsh TimesStreet Kings, and End of Watch – they’re Los Angeles crime movies with plenty of brutality, believability, and attention to detail. They feel legitimate, perhaps partly because Ayer is a longtime resident of Los Angeles, having moved to South Central in the ’80s.

This year, there are two more projects from Ayer set in L.A, starting with Fox’s new drama, Deputy. The Stephen Dorff-led cop series is executive produced by Ayer, who directed the pilot and another episode. While the network drama is not as brutal as Ayer’s crime movies, the story, character, and world are very familiar to him. Sometime in 2020, we’ll see another L.A. crime movie from the filmmaker, called The Tax Collector, which he confirmed will hit VOD. The director also told us about his experiences in Los Angeles, working in television versus film, dealing with creative differences, and working with movie stars.

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bright sequel

David Ayer was on a Television Critics Association panel for the new Fox drama Deputy, which he executive produces and for which he has directed episodes. Deputy is in Ayer’s traditional wheelhouse of cop movies, with Stephen Dorff playing a deputy who becomes sheriff of Los Angeles after the sheriff suddenly dies. It airs Thursday nights on Fox.

Ayer’s last two movies, Suicide Squad and Bright, both spawned follow-ups. Birds of Prey: And the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn featuring Margot Robbie’s title character comes out next month and a Bright sequel is in development. James Gunn is directing the next Suicide Squad movie and we haven’t heard about Ayer’s proposed Gotham City Sirens Harley Quinn spinoff lately, so we asked him after the Deputy panel. 

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The Dirty Dozen remake

A couple of weeks ago, word came out that Suicide Squad director David Ayer was in negotiations to write and direct a remake of The Dirty Dozen, the 1967 classic about an Army major who must lead twelve dangerous convicts behind enemy lines for an assassination mission during World War II. Now Ayer has offered a bit more insight into his approach for the new version, including confirming that his movie will be set during modern day and revealing that he sees it as the possible start of an ongoing action franchise. Read More »

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james gunn taking over Suicide Squad 2

Yesterday, the superhero movie fan community was surprised to learn that Guardians of the Galaxy writer/director James Gunn might be jumping ship from Marvel to DC to write and potentially direct Suicide Squad 2. Guardians actor Dave Bautista is excited about Warner Bros. and DC’s decision, jokingly (maybe?) suggesting that he wants to be involved in the anti-hero sequel.

But there’s someone else who also approves of Gunn as the person who could tell the next chapter of the Suicide Squad’s story: David Ayer, the man who directed the first film back in 2016.
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