As if we didn’t already have enough stupid spoof comedies… Someone decided to give the Wayans Brothers (White Chicks, Little Man) money to make a spoof movie about competitive dance films like /FilmCast favorite Step Up 2 The Streets. The result, is just as horrible, if not worse, than you might expect.

[flv: 470 264]

Watch the trailer in High Definition on Myspace. Dance Flick hits theaters on February 6th 2009.

Man About Town

Didn’t Ben Affleck learn his lesson? I thought he was going to stop the whole “one for me, one for them” thing. Well it looks like the man has done another generic romantic comedy, which was… released this week on DVD. That’s right, Affleck is now making direct to DVD features! Why, God why? Love him or hate him, the Man has talent if he’s given the right script. So why this? Check out the trailer after the jump.
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