Leonardo DiCaprio as the Real James Bond?

Leonardo DiCaprio‘s company Appian Way bought the rights to make Fleming, a film based on the life of British author Ian Fleming, best known as the creator of James Bond. The story follows Fleming, who fought as a Commander of Naval Intelligence in World War II while creating James Bond and the many characters from his books. Apparently most of the characters in Bond are actually based on areal people Fleming encountered. Writer Damian Stevenson describes the film as “Shakespeare in Love or Finding Neverland with some real-life Bond-like espionage and female flattery thrown in.”

And while it has not been stated that DiCaprio would play Fleming, most insiders assume that Appian Way is developing the project as a starring vehicle for DiCaprio. I could definitely see DiCaprio playing the British author, but will he ever find time? IMDb lists seven projects on the actor’s development table.

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source: Los Angeles Times