‘Cub’ Trailer: The Darkness Has Risen

Cub trailer

The Belgian shocker Cub, which follows an outcast kid as his fellow scouts as they run afoul of a strange force in the woods, hit festivals last year, stopping by TIFF and Fantastic Fest on its way through the festival circuit. It’s an unusual piece of work that combines some out and out scares with moments that are so over the top that I couldn’t help but be impressed, regardless of whether or not I actually “liked” what I was seeing.

There’s not a lot out there like Cub, which is maybe a little more dark and crazy than the casual horror crowd wants to see. That could explain why the film is skipping theatrical release in the US and going right to disc. That release hits stores later this summer, and you can see a new Cub trailer right now. Read More »

Cub trailer

The Midnight Madness program at the Toronto Film Festival is one of the most reliable lineups of provocative genre movies each year — programmer Colin Geddes does a great job of choosing films that are memorable and full of new talent. Here’s the Cub trailer, which will be your first look at one of this year’s Midnight Madness titles.

Jonas Govaerts makes his debut as a director with the film, which tells the story of “a troupe of young Cub Scouts who find themselves stalked by a psychopathic huntsman who has riddled the forest with ingenious and deadly traps.” There’s some weird stuff and much bloody violence in this trailer. Oh, and the film boasts a score by Steve Moore, from the band Zombi, who also did music for Adam Wingard’s The Guest. You won’t hear the score here, but check out the trailer below. Read More »