idris elba crunchyroll

Today, Idris Elba is helping to cancel the apocalypse on niche streaming services. Not that Crunchyroll much needed the Hollywood superstar’s help — the anime streaming platform recently crossed the four million subscriber mark, a feat that can only be matched by its biggest ever deal: an Afrofuturist fantasy anime series developed by Idris and Sabrina Elba.

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funimation buys crunchyroll

This news may just take the top spot for Top 10 Anime Crossovers: Sony’s anime distribution company Funimation has bought the anime streaming service Crunchyroll from AT&T for a whopping $1.2 billion, merging the two anime superpowers together in a deal that could bring massive change to the industry.

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the god of high school review

The God of High School is the second Crunchyroll original anime to adapt a Korean webtoon, center its premise around a competition to win the reward of getting one’s wish granted, and feature the word “God” in its title. But unlike the otherworldly Tower of GodThe God of High School is a much more recognizable twist on the action anime, marrying a mythic Dragon Ball-style story with your classic shounen tournament structure, and featuring some of the most fluid and crisp battle sequences you’ve ever seen.

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hbo max anime

HBO Max is gearing up to have one of the most stacked collection of library titles upon its May 27 launch — from Friends, to decades of Warner Bros. films, to everything Batman — but it will be providing titles from one more highly demanded market: anime.

Netflix and Hulu have been working hard to cater to anime fans as the streaming wars kick into high gear, but HBO Max may have got one leg up on them by partnering with Crunchyroll, the biggest anime streaming service in the world and the central hub for anime fandom in the United States. HBO Max and Crunchyroll have partnered to offer a slate of 17 popular anime titles upon the launch of the WarnerMedia streaming platform, with even more to follow.

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tower of god review

When Crunchyroll rolled out the red carpet for its first-ever slate of original animes, Tower of God was the series that immediately caught my eye. Its striking animation style — like hand-drawn sketches or charcoal drawings brought to vibrant life — sets it apart from most other animes out there, and certainly from the uncanny 3D-animated titles that Netflix has been churning out. Which is good, considering the plot of the first episode of this fantasy-adventure series is pretty slim.

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tower of god trailer

Crunchyroll announced just last month that it was wading into the original content game, after years of being the premiere streaming website for anime. And it seems like it’s going to start strong right out the gate, with the upcoming Tower of God, a fantasy-adventure anime based on the beloved Korean webtoon that already has a following around the globe. Combine that with a beautiful, hand-drawn animation style merged with 3D animation, and you’ve got one of the most anticipated new animes of spring. Watch the Tower of God trailer below.

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crunchyroll originals

Anime is all the rage on streaming services like Netflix and Hulu, which have tapped into an eager streaming audience with both classic and new original offerings alike. But one of the streaming platforms that has been around since anime was but a glimmer in pirating websites’ eyes, Crunchyroll, has now made itself a major player in the anime streaming wars.

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funimation hulu

Hulu just got a leg up over Netflix in the streaming wars. The streaming platform just landed a landmark first-look deal with Funimation, the anime distributor which earlier this fall made news for ending its longtime partnership with the niche anime streaming service Crunchyroll. Now it seems like Funimation has traded up for Hulu, giving the latter more ammunition in the increasingly fraught war for anime content. Or should I say…anime-nition? (I’m sorry.)

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crunchyroll funimation

After two years of anime streaming bliss, Crunchyroll and Funimation are parting ways.

The anime streaming service and distributor ended a two-year partnership that allowed Crunchyroll subscribers and non-subscribers alike access to hundreds of subbed and dubbed anime titles under Funimation’s catalogue. Now the Sony-owned Funimation is reportedly looking to expand globally, taking with it hugely popular titles like My Hero Academia and Attack on Titan. But you will still be able to see these shows without having to resort to the old illegal means.

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