Watch Coupling

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The Series: Coupling

Where You Can Stream It: Hulu

The Pitch: When a group of friends really get to thinking how to get what they want out of love, the results are a wild mix of one-night stands, one-lunchtime stands, two-timing and partner-swapping.

Why It’s Essential Viewing: When it comes to television about a group of pals just going through everyday life, Friends is the cornerstone of sitcoms. Lasting for 10 seasons and capturing the eyes, ears and hearts of millions, the series sparked an endless number of copycats trying to replicate the formula of a group of funny, flirty and fit men and women dating each other, arguing with each other and getting into a series of mishaps and tomfoolery. Six years after the show debuted in 1994, our friends across the pond got what is basically their own version of Friends, but it was raunchier, funnier, and dealt with its characters and relationships in a much more authentic way, even if it still had the laughtrack and some general British silliness. It’s called Coupling, and it will easily help you deal with the fact that Friends is currently nowhere to be found for easy subscription streaming.

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