The Return of Goonies Star Kerri Green

Do you remember Kerri Green? Me neither,

Clarification: I’m getting a lot of comments being like “How can you not remember her? You haven’t seen the goonies? It’s easy for you to say you know who she is with the photo I included with this post, but would you recognize her by name if you saw the opening credits of her new movie? I think not. Of course I recognize her picture. I was actually commenting more on her name value. <end rant :)>

But apparently she played Andy in The Goonies, Jennifer in Summer Rental, Maggie in Lucas, and was never seen again. Well apparently Green, who now looks like a slightly older version of Amy Adams, is poised for a comeback. She will be appearing in a film called Complacent, a “gripping drama” that “centers on two close sisters whose already tumultuous lives are rocked by tragedy.” Doesn’t exactly sound like a winner, but I might be willing to rent it (via Netflix) just to see what has become of Kerri Green. Full press release after the jump.

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