The Croods 2 2020 Thanksgiving Box Office

Considering how many people decided it was okay to fly across the country for Thanksgiving in the middle of a pandemic, it should come as no surprise that some people were also willing to risk their lives to see what an animated caveman family has been up to after seven years.

The Croods 2: A New Age opened in theaters for the holiday weekend, and while it had no problem taking the top spot at the box office and surpassing Tenet¬†for the biggest box office opening since the coronavirus pandemic began, these numbers are still nothing to brag about. Read More »

Freaky Box Office

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to get worse in the United States, many states are tightening restrictions on non-essential businesses and gatherings of people. That may not stop the plethora of idiots who are still forcing their Thanksgiving plans into existence despite the irresponsibility of it all, but it did result in the shutdown of nearly 700 theaters this past weekend, making for a poor showing at the box office on a weekend that is typically full of huge blockbusters. Read More »

Come Play Trailer

It’s a tradition in horror movies to have a kid who sees the threat of ghosts and demons hiding in the shadows, and parents refuse to believe them almost every single time. Focus Features new horror movie Come Play takes on that trope head-on, but as the first trailer reveals, they’ve added some refreshing elements to mix up the formula a little bit. Not only is the young lead in this movie a boy with autism, but it makes clever use of tablets and camera filters as a way to create suspense and scares. Read More »