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Yesterday, British actor Himesh Patel was just the star of Danny Boyle’s Beatles-inspired summer movie, Yesterday. Today, Patel is the latest addition to Christopher Nolan‘s Tenet cast. This guy’s star is clearly on the rise, but as you might expect, details about his role in Nolan’s new action film are being kept secret. Here’s what we do know about the movie so far. Read More »

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Christopher Nolan loves to both wear vests and play things close to them. While I wouldn’t consider him a “mystery box” guy like J.J. Abrams – he doesn’t really dabble in twists – he is concerned with preserving the theatrical experience. In Nolan’s mind, the less you know going into a movie, the better it will be. So when it comes time for a new Nolan movie, I tend to feel sympathetic towards the marketing departments that have to work extra hard to avoid giving away anything.

Case in point: the Tenet teaser trailer is currently playing in theaters before Hobbs and Shaw, but it’s yet to be officially released online.

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New Christopher Nolan Movie title

We still don’t know much about Christopher Nolan’s new movie, but at least we finally have a title: Tenet. That’s still not a whole lot to go on! But it’s something. Nolan has also added new cast members alongside the previously announced Robert Pattinson, Elizabeth Debicki, and John David Washington, the latter of whom we’re told will lead the ensemble. And yes, Michael Caine is one of them. In addition to all of that, we now have a slight plot description. We’ll take what we can get here.

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nolan new film details

Christopher Nolan‘s new movie is shrouded in secrecy, so any bit of info, no matter how vague, is considered news. Robert Pattinson, who is starring in Nolan’s latest, recently opened up ever-so-slightly about the project, proclaiming it to be one of “the craziest” things he’s seen in a while. That’s not much to go on, but it’s Pattinson’s other comment that raises an eyebrow or too. According to the actor, Nolan’s latest is “the length of three movies.”

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christopher nolan movie script

Robert Pattinson is offering us more details about Christopher Nolan‘s highly anticipated mystery movie. Kind of. The High Life actor is teaming up with the acclaimed filmmaker for the first time and had warm words of praise for the next Christopher Nolan movie script, which he described as “unreal.” Let the hype train begin.

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christopher nolan movie cast

Update: Elizabeth Debicki is joining the cast of Christopher Nolan’s untitled next movie, signing on to play the female lead role opposite Robert Pattinson and John David Washington. Variety reports that Pattinson is also confirmed to star as co-lead with Washington. Our original story follows below.

Robert Pattinson may have found his next auteur to work with. The High Life actor is poised to star in Christopher Nolan‘s next untitled movie, circling a co-lead role opposite BlacKkKlansman‘s John David Washington. Joining the new Christopher Nolan movie cast would certainly be a fitting next step for Pattinson, who has hit a hot streak of working with bold, envelope-pushing auteurs including Werner Herzog, James Gray, the Safdie brothers, and Claire Denis. Perhaps he’s found his next creative partner in Nolan.

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new christopher nolan movie cast

BlacKkKlansman actor John David Washington will star in Christopher Nolan‘s next movie – you know, the movie we have no actual info about. Nolan is the type of filmmaker who generates enough buzz without giving away much, and adding a strong actor like Washington to the cast is a big plus. But just who is the actor playing?

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William Fichtner interview

A serious, timely question: Who on Earth doesn’t have love for William Fichtner? The actor brings it every time, no matter the size of the role – which, as he recently told us, is not something he cares about. Whether he’s one of the stars or only on screen for a scene or two, he always leaves an impression. Now, he’s one of the leads of Mark Steven Johnson‘s playful heist movie Finding Steve McQueen, a true story about an eclectic gang of criminals stealing Richard Nixon’s illegal campaign contributions.

Throughout his career, in addition to showing a wide range in a wide variety of films and TV shows, he’s starred in movies that are already proving to stand the test of time. The Dark KnightGoBlack Hawk Down, and the works of Michael Bay: those movies aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. Recently, we spoke with Fichtner about his experiences on those films and his collaborations with Christopher Nolan, Michael Bay, Sir Ridley Scott, and others.

Below, take a trip down memory lane with the one and only William Fichtner.

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dark knight trilogy screenings

One of the biggest movie trilogies of all time is returning to the big screen – emphasis on big. The Dark Knight Trilogy will splash across IMAX screens in 70mm starting at the end of the month for a five-city special engagement. Director Christopher Nolan will be on hand for the first screening to participate in a moderated Q&A, so here’s your chance to ask him how many waistcoats he owns! More on the Dark Knight trilogy screenings below.

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new christopher nolan movie details

Update: According to Warner Bros., this story – which originated with Production Weekly – is incorrect, and describing Christopher Nolan‘s new film as “North by Northwest meets Inception” is inaccurate. It’s worth noting that Production Weekly is usually reliable, which might mean there’s at least some truth to this description, but that Nolan and company are unhappy with it being out there at this time. Recently, Production Weekly broke the news about another film – an adaptation of The Colour Out of Space starring Nicolas Cage. We reported that story too, and while our details were accurate, the producers of the film asked us to pull it, as the announcement was premature. Eventually, the official story came out. For now, take everything below with a grain of salt. In short, we still don’t know what Nolan’s new movie is about.

Our original story continues below.

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