The Winter Lake Clip

While some thrillers don’t shy away from immediately ramping up suspense, others prefer a slow burn that creates a moody atmosphere and slowly builds tension. That’s exactly what we have in The Winter Lake, a new Irish thriller that marks the directorial debut of Phil Sheerin with a script from David Turpin (The Lodgers).

In The Winter Lake, single mother Elaine (Charlie Murphy) and her troubled son tom (Anson Boon) move into a remote family lake house after some kind of traumatizing event. But when Tom discovers something worrisome in the nearby lake, they find themselves embroiled in a tense confrontation with their neighbor Ward (Michael McElhatton) and his daughter Holly (Emma Mackey), who seem to have their own dark secrets.

See the tension mounting between them in The Winter Lake clip we’re exclusively debuting below. Read More »

Charlie Murphy dead at 57

Here’s some sad news: TMZ reports that Charlie Murphy, older brother of comic superstar Eddie Murphy and a beloved comedian in his own right, died this morning after losing a battle with leukemia. He was 57 years old. Read More »