A fan favorite creator returns to TV, Saturday Night Live gives birth to another movie star, own a piece of television history and get ready for the finale of TV’s best show all in today’s TV Bits. After the jump read about:

  • Damon Lindelof will return to television after signing a three-year deal to develop a new show.
  • Catherine Tate will be returning to The Office as a regular next season.
  • Andy Samberg will, indeed, be leaving Saturday Night Live as rumored.
  • As seen on Hollywood Treasure, the season one American Horror Story house is now on the market.
  • The third season of the acclaimed Starz show, Spartacus, will be its last.
  • Breaking Bad‘s fifth and final season gets a brand new poster and plot description.

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Gulliver’s Travels Set Photos

[No photo]

The latest of Gulliver’s travels has brought him here to Oxford, my hometown. Or near enough – the film shoot has set up for a couple of weeks of on-location work at Blenheim Palace, just a few miles down the road from the University town I call home.

From the various pap snaps of the shooting taking place, it looks like most of the main Gulliver’s Travels cast are on hand – Jack Black, Emily Blunt and Catherine Tate as well as James Corden and Billy Connolly who I did not previously know to be involved. A sampling of the pictures after the break, revealing the costumes, the pageantry and the all-American game that Gulliver appears to be exporting.

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Doctor Who companion Donna, as played by Catherine Tate, might as well have been dipped head-to-toe in Marmite she so sharply divided folk. Love her? Hate her? Funnily enough, and just like Marmite, I could see the appeal, and I could see the reasons for doubt, but I just couldn’t quite climb down off the fence. Also like Marmite, I thought the first taste had me sold on a Yes! but, unfortunately, my feelings turned to be increasingly ambiguous the further I munched.

Tate has now been granted her first role in “a big, kick-off Hollywood film” – her words, not mine. She’ll be in Gulliver’s Travels, alongside Jack Black as a contemporised Lemuel Gulliver and Emily Blunt as who-cares-because-its-not-the-Black-Widow. Tate will be playing the Queen of Lilliput and anybody who knows work has probably already guessed the voice she’ll be putting on.

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