cinema of attractions

I’ll be the first to admit that I sometimes have to bend over backwards to write about about tabletop games on a movie site, but then something like Cinema of Attractions arrives and makes the process blissfully easy. This new card game, from the creators of the popular movie connections game Cinelinx, offers a humorous simulation of the Hollywood experience, with players taking the role of filmmakers who must pitch a movie to a studio boss using only the elements available in their hand of cards.

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star wars rebellion review

There’s no need to bury the lede here – designer Corey Konieczka‘s Star Wars: Rebellion is the best Star Wars board game ever made and a complete triumph on every level. It’s rare to find a tabletop experience that is this rich in theme while supplying gamers with genuinely compelling and balanced mechanics that enhance and support that theme every step of the way. Star Wars: Rebellion isn’t just an effective Star Wars simulator. It’s a surprisingly elegant and complex experience where each and every one of your decisions carries weight and feels important. It’s an excellent game beyond its theme. This is a game of desperation and strategy, of giant battles and skillful detective work, of hope and luck.

And it’s also a game where Darth Vader can abduct Mon Mothma and freeze her in carbonite after using the Death Star to blow up Naboo.

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Cardboard Cinema: Board Games For Video Gamers

great board games for video gamers

The Cardboard Cinema series was created to explore the overlapping worlds of movies and tabletop, to recommend board games to film fans looking to dip their toe into a hobby that is currently undergoing a golden age. This highly irregular column exists because we love board games here at /Film and want to share them with our fellow movie buffs.

We’re taking a bit of a left turn with this edition, which is all about board game recommendations for video gamers. After all, the pop culture streams have crossed. The lines between entertainment mediums have blurred together. Your average movie fans plays games and your average gamer watches movies. It all blends together. Welcome to 2016, where pop culture enthusiasts have a toe in several pools of media.

Sure, writing about board games for video game fans on a movie website admittedly doesn’t make a ton of sense. But go ahead and indulge us, won’t you?

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