Bridesmaids Sequel

Bridesmaids was a knockout comedy hit in 2011, raking in over $169 million domestically and another $119.2 million internationally, which is pretty damn good for an R-rated romantic comedy. That kind of success and the warm reception from both critics and audiences has resulted in some demand for a sequel over the years. But while director Paul Feig appreciates the love for the movie from fans, he’s not necessarily too keen on putting one together just for the hell of it, and he has a good reason. Read More »

Today’s Sequel Bits is a low-key one, with just a smattering of minor updates on things we’ve talked about before. But if you’re a big fan of Star Trek, Bridesmaids, and/or Party Down, we figured you might want to know anyway. After the jump:

  • Martin Starr says “there’s nothing official” on the Party Down movie quite yet
  • An insider reveals the real reason Kristen Wiig turned down Bridesmaids 2
  • Roberto Orci offers some small tidbits about the production of Star Trek 2

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Over the past couple of weeks, it seems like everyone but Kristen Wiig has weighed in on the idea of Universal moving forward with a Wiig-free Bridesmaids sequel. Breakout star Melissa McCarthy called the move “a terrible idea,” director Paul Feig cautiously stated that “anything can happen,” and star Wendi McLendon-Covey insisted that Wiig “never said that she didn’t want to do it.” Now Wiig’s finally offered up her own take on the situation, and, well, it isn’t looking too promising. Read her statements after the jump.

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There’s nothing earth-shattering in this edition of Sequel Bits, but hey, that’s why they’re Bits and not separate stories. At least it seems like mostly good news. After the jump:

  • Jim Henson’s Labyrinth is getting a prequel — but not in movie form
  • Now Bridesmaids star Wendi McLendon-Covey says Wiig isn’t entirely out of the sequel after all
  • Alice Eve talks about working with Benedict Cumberbatch and not disappointing Star Trek fans

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What do Bridesmaids and The Devil Inside have in common? Not a lot, except that both performed even better than expected at the box office, and execs are now eager to get going on terrible-sounding sequels. After the jump:

  • Melissa McCarthy refuses to do Bridesmaids 2 without Kristen Wiig
  • Mark Wahlberg reports that The Fighter 2 is looking for a new director
  • Joe Carnahan discusses the (non) possibility of an A-Team 2, and more interestingly, the possibility of a Narc 2
  • The Devil Inside exec producer Steven Schneider says he’d “love” to do a sequel

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Universal Doing ‘Bridesmaids 2’ Without Kristen Wiig?

Though Melissa McCarthy was the big breakout star of last spring’s Bridesmaids, it was really Kristen Wiig‘s movie. The Saturday Night Live vet not only played the lead, she also co-produced the project and penned its script with co-writer Annie Mumolo. It’s tough to imagine seeing another Bridesmaids without Wiig — but apparently, that’s exactly what Universal is considering.

With Wiig and Mumolo reportedly uninterested in doing a sequel, the studio is now weighing the possibility of moving forward without them, and pinning its hopes on McCarthy to help get the project going. More details after the jump.

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Don’t worry Bridget Jones fans, the third film in the series is still coming. It just won’t be directed by Bridesmaids helmer Paul Feig. Deadline is reporting that Feig, who had been developing the script and planning on directing, has amicably left the project and that Universal is now looking for a British director to shoot the film beginning in January. There’s more on Feig and the film after the break. Read More »

It’s no secret that we here at /Film love Bridesmaids. And though comments on some of our articles don’t exactly share our sentiment, a number two spot at the box office on opening weekend and a very strong mid-week gross, even beating out Thor, tends to suggest that most of America agrees with our adoration. Now, according to director Paul Feig, if the film continues to experience the kind of success it’s currently enjoying, not only is a sequel very much a possibility, they’ve talked about it. Read exactly what he said after the jump. Read More »