We don’t think much about the expense incurred when theaters have to upgrade or change their equipment to stay current with new exhibition technology. It’s one thing to assume that upgrading is simply a matter of course for chains like Regal and AMC, but for operators of single theaters, making the move to digital is no easy task.

That move to digital is essential today, as studios phase out 35mm prints and move to exhibition based on Digital Cinema Packages (DCP) for restorations of classics as well as runs of new movies.

For the Brattle Theatre in Cambridge, MA, strong programming of classic movies has been a tradition for decades. But the theater has a very unique 35mm rear-projection setup that must be upgraded to handle new DCP releases, in addition to other very old infrastructure that needs updating. (The projection booth is pictured above — the image is projected from behind the screen.)

And so the theater is running a Kickstarter campaign to raise money to make the move to digital projection and install a new system to keep audiences comfortable. They’ve passed the halfway mark, but still need help.  Read More »