boys from county hell clip

Get ready to sink your teeth into Boys From County Hell, a new Irish vampire comedy headed to horror streaming service Shudder this week. Ahead of the premiere, we’re debuting an exclusive clip from the film, which stars Jack Rowan (Peaky Blinders), Nigel O’Neill (The Bookshop), Louisa Harland (Derry Girls), Fra Fee (Animals, Hawkeye), John Lynch (The Terror, The Banishing) and Michael Hough (Chapelwaite). Chris Baugh (Bad Day for the Cut) writes and directs the pic, which is set in Six Mile Hill, “a sleepy town whose only claim to fame is that locals say Bram Stoker once spent a night in the local pub.”

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Boys from County Hell Review

Some things are older than science, older than God; the earth has its own secrets, whispers a local Irishman named William. As two Canadian travelers carefully approach an ancient gravesite, Williams friend jumps out from around the tombstones scaring the hell out of the tourists who wanted to get a glimpse at a real piece of historic horror. That is one of the great things about folklore. Stories are passed down through generations that cause people to travel all over the world to see the sites that inspired mythological creatures, and locals love to lean into it all for a scare or a laugh.

Embracing small town antics and camaraderie, writer/director Chris Baugh summons a new story on the traditional vampire lore and takes a stab at marrying comedy and horror with his film Boys from County Hell.  

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