Just ahead of the film’s release in Japan, Yahoo are hosting an online preview of the first five minutes and some seconds of Blood: The Last Vampire. You can see the full video below the break.

This live-action incarnation has been directed by Chris Nahon, and with no small amount of flair it would seem. Whether or not he has invested the film with anything beyond action kinetics, basic suspense and broad atmospherics isn’t clear from this first scene, but this is still a fine way to kick a picture off.

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Blood: The Last Vampire was a significant anime milestone for two reasons; one, because it was one of the first anime films produced for an English voice track (a move that was directly aimed at making it more palatable for overseas markets), but also, because it was one of the first anime features to be completely digitally animated. There was little surprise when an English live action remake was announced, and given that the original film was more an exercise in style than an anime classic, it’s also not the sort of thing that diehard fans would nitpick too much. This was a remake practically begging to be made.

Brendon’s already given us a first look at the remake when he covered the first Japanese trailer a few months ago, but now we have a few status updates on the project. First is the unsurprising news that the film’s North American rights have been picked up by Sony, with U.S. theatrical distribution this summer by Samuel Goldwyn Films.

Also, I came across a newer trailer for the film on Japanator that makes me all sorts of excited for this project.

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Into every generation, and apparently every nation, one is born. A schoolgirl who will take up arms against the pale and pasty undead. The US got Buffy Summers, while Mamoru Oshii and Hiroyuki Kitakubo gave young Saya to the Japanese.

Her debut was in the 45-minute anime Blood: The Last Vampire which, while being very visually accomplished and quite alluring aesthetically, seemed rather hollow. It played more like an episode of an already running narrative, or a particularly elliptical pilot. Below the break I’ll put the trailer, so you can judge how this latest run at the project plays.

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