hollywood divest police

Michael B. Jordan, Chadwick Boseman, Idris Elba, Viola Davis, and Tessa Thompson are among over 300 Black artists and executives calling on Hollywood to prove Black Lives Matter. In a letter penned by Insecure actor Kendrick Sampson, Thompson, and Black Lives Matter co-founders Patrisse Cullors and Melina Abdullah, the group calls on Hollywood to divest from police and elevate Black talent and stories amid the ongoing Black Lives Matter movement sparked by the killing of George Floyd by Minnesota police officers.

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brooklyn nine-nine season 8

TV shows centering around cops have been forced to reckon with the impact they’ve had on public perception of law enforcement in recent months, amid the global anti-police brutality protests sparked by the killing of George Floyd by Minnesota police officers. Reality shows like Cops and Live PD have been canceled, while scripted series like Law & Order and NCIS are grappling with the question of whether they glorify police brutality.

So where does that leave Brooklyn Nine-Nine, the beloved NBC sitcom about a team of NYPD detectives that has built a loyal following for its goodhearted comedy? As it heads into its eighth season, the series is starting from scratch, star Terry Crews confirmed, revealing that the writers have decided to scrap four of the Brooklyn Nine-Nine season 8 scripts in the wake of the Black Lives Matter protests.

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Netflix Donation for Black Lives Matter

After creating a collection of Black Lives Matter movies and TV shows to show support and solidarity with the global movement trying to stop police brutality and racial inequality, Netflix is putting their money where their mouth is. The streaming service is pledging $5 million to organizations dedicated to helping Black youth, Black creators, and Black-owned businesses who aren’t always afforded the same opportunities. Read More »

Netflix Black Lives Matter Collection

The Black Lives Matter movement has become a powerful statement that is making an impact around the world. Millions are marching in solidarity, and it has many amplifying the voices of black creators who have been frequently pushed by the wayside. That includes black filmmakers, and Netflix is working to ensure that people searching for something to watch on their streaming service are able to find something more than just The Help in order to broaden their perspective on what it means to be black.

Meanwhile, Rotten Tomatoes is supporting Pride Month in June by creating a new LGBTQ hub called Rainbow Tomatoes, featuring movie guides and editorials spotlighting the best and most poignant LGBTQ stories in film and television. Get more details on both of these diverse efforts below. Read More »

The Hate U Give rental

As the protests supporting the Black Lives Matter movement continue across the country, more and more people are looking for movies and shows to watch that address the root issues of that movement. (And no, The Help is not exactly the best available option.) Studios and filmmakers are making some particularly relevant movies free to rent, and it’s hard to get more relevant than 2018’s The Hate U Give, which involves the police shooting an unarmed black man, and what happens when the officer’s non-conviction inspires massive protests and riots.

If you missed the movie when it came out, now’s your chance to catch up with it. The Hate U Give has been made available for free on digital platforms, and you can read the director’s statement below.
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Hollywood has been wrestling with how to better improve its diversity efforts for years, with small steps forward being made in the years since the 2014 Ferguson protests and #OscarsSoWhite. But with Black Lives Matter protests sweeping the nation — and the world — it’s clear that progress is still miniscule. Comcast is stepping up to attempt to remedy that with a $100 million plan to fight “injustice and inequality against any race, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation or ability.”

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john boyega black lives matter

The Black Lives Matter movement and the anti-police brutality protests sweeping the nation have become a sort of litmus test for which celebrities can put their money where their mouth is. Empty words of support and vague platitudes don’t work anymore when America — and the rest of the world — is this angry and this broken. Sure, some stars are obliged to the big money-making corporations and their carefully set standards. But John Boyega doesn’t care about that. Boyega starred in (and was arguably underserved by) one of the biggest franchises in the world, his face plastered across Star Wars posters and trailers for the past five years. But he’s willing to give up the security of a Disney paycheck to speak candidly and emotionally about what he believes in.

Boyega gave a rousing Black Lives Matter speech in his home town of London, acknowledging that a speech as unvarnished and angry as his could mean the end of his career. But his speech stirred Hollywood filmmakers and writers to throw their support behind him, and promise him that he will still have plenty of work in the years to come.

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amc black lives matter series

Black Lives Matter is not going away. And as more cases of police brutality are unveiled each day, Hollywood begins to take more notice.

Television was the first to address the ongoing movement calling for less police violence targeting African Americans, with episodes of ScandalBlack-ish, and Dear White People setting aside their sleek or comedic facades to candidly tackle the topic head-on. And now AMC is developing a prestige drama about the topic, based on Washington Post journalist Wesley Lowery’s nonfiction book They Can’t Kill Us All: Ferguson, Baltimore, and a New Era in America’s Racial Justice

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