Be More Chill Fandom

Throughout early 2017, I constantly listened to musical soundtracks on YouTube, from Hamilton, to Heathers, to The Great Comet of 1812. Somehow, the YouTube Autoplay involuntarily recommended a number that I was not familiar with: “More Than Survive.” It was from a musical called Be More Chill. I thought, how did I, a musical theatre fan, miss the existence of this show? What I didn’t know was the peculiar origin story of its viral popularity, which catapulted it from obscurity to renown.

I found myself among the unsuspecting listeners swept into the unpredictable Internet algorithms that introduced Be More Chill to a burgeoning fanbase two years after the show supposedly died in obscurity after a regional month-long run.

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Fox Films at Disney

So far, Disney‘s acquisition of 20th Century Fox is not turning out so well for the House of Mouse. Recently we heard that the studio would be scaling back the development of projects that were previously in the works at Fox, so much that only franchises like Avatar and Planet of the Apes would be moving forward. And now some new details about how Disney is proceeding after Fox’s disappointments have come to light, and it gives us even more of a cause for concern. Read More »