AMC Theatres Out of Money Soon

With a complete lack of major new releases coming to theaters over the next couple months, and potentially through the rest of the year, the movie theater industry is in trouble. Cineworld just closed all of their Regal Cinemas locations in the United States (with the exception of a handful of key locations in California) last week because of how many blockbusters shifted to 2021, but AMC Theatres, along with Cinemark, pledged to stay open, but it doesn’t mean they’re in a good position at all.

AMC Theatres has revealed that if things don’t improve in the near future, they might be out of cash by the end of 2020 or sometime in early 2021. They’re not the only ones in imminent danger either, because B&B Theatres, the sixth largest cinema chain in the U.S., has announced that they’re months away from filing for bankruptcy protection if nothing changes. Needless to say, this is bad news. Read More »